Pittsburgh, PA

Headshot Photographer

These headshot photographs below represent some of my proudest work as a Pittsburgh headshot photographer. Featured are headshot examples of professionals including realtors, educators, executives, and entrepreneurs from various local businesses.

Studio Headshots

Controlled lighting and a neutral backdrop to ensure a sharp and consistent result. A classic choice for Executives, Educators, and those wanting to highlight themselves without any distractions.

On-Location Headshots

Tailored to capture you in familiar surroundings, whether it's your workspace or a place that reflects your profession. Ideal for business owners and professionals keen on integrating their work environment into their portrait.

Outdoor Headshots

Utilizing the beauty of natural light to give a fresh and vibrant look. Often favored by Realtors and Executives aiming for a more relaxed yet professional image.

I had a great time during our shoot. Jacob was really locked in during our session. 10 out of 10!


- Brent, Real Estate Agent

Meet Your Photographer

I'm Jacob Russell, a Pittsburgh headshot photographer. Taking a headshot isn't just about pressing a button. It's about getting the lighting just right, nailing the pose, and delivering a top-notch, magazine-worthy shot. I've put in the work over the years to make sure every headshot hits that mark.