So, who am I?

I'm Jacob, your new favorite Pittsburgh photographer

My mission is to make whoever I am photographing look absolutely beautiful. Whether I'm taking grad photos, headshots, or branding photos; I strive to take magazine-worthy shots.

In addition to photography...

Airbnb superhost

I acquired a 4-unit building in Polish Hill in 2018, turned it into an Airbnb, and hosted thousands of guests. Check out my Airbnb.

Dog Dad

I am a proud dad of 2 male puppers, Vision and Theo. Vision is a Lab-Staffy Mix and Theo is a Goldendoodle. Vision goes by viz, vizzy, and Vizard. Theo goes by T, TT, and Timoteo.

website designer

Since college, I've designed around a dozen websites for local businesses like Margaritta's Mexican, Geology Rocks, The Paint Room, and more.


I obtained my bachelors in accounting at Robert Morris University Pennsylvania. I know, what does that have to do with photography? Nothing. HA. That's the beauty of life isn't it?