Once upon a time in Winston Salem, at the charming Historic Brookstown Inn, two souls came together in a celebration that was pure magic. Enter Brianna and Steven, a couple whose love story turned a wedding day into a fairy tale.

The day began with a tear and a smile, as Brianna's father caught his first glimpse of his radiant daughter. That tear? Pure pride. That smile? Pure joy. And just down the hall, Steven was buttoning up and brushing off nerves, excitement dancing in his eyes. Now, folks, here's a plot twist: The bride and groom chose a 'first touch' rather than a 'first look.' Hands met, hearts fluttered, and tradition stayed intact. That's romance with a capital R! But the magic didn't stop there. Brianna's grandfather, in a grand gesture of love, became an officiant just to join his granddaughter and Steven in marriage. The ceremony was a symphony of smiles, ending with a first kiss that surely rang bells all over Winston Salem.

The reception? Oh, where to begin! First dances that floated on air, the bride and groom gliding like they had wings. Laughter with mom and dad, twirls that filled the room with joy. Then came cake cutting, sweet and elegant, followed by a champagne toast that sparkled brighter than the stars. And the dancing? Well, dear reader, it was a celebration that could have woken Sleeping Beauty. Pure joy, pure love, pure unadulterated fun. Brianna and Steven's wedding wasn't just a day; it was a love-filled extravaganza, a dance for the ages, a moment that turned the Historic Brookstown Inn into the happiest place on earth.

So come along and relive this Winston Salem fairy tale. Click play on the video below, and let the magic of love sweep you off your feet